Web application KnjigaPOLJA 2.0

KnjigaPOLJA is conceived as an expert system for expert assistance to all those engaged in agricultural production, whether it be farming, fruit growing or vegetable production.

The system is a web application that is designed as a tool for planning and monitoring of everyday activities in agricultural production.

The system is fully graphically oriented, giving it great visibility. All production areas (boards, plots, greenhouses, hothouses, etc.) are monitored on a digital map available to the user on the main application screen. The user has the opportunity to record and group all the production areas according to their own needs. For example: the board can be made up of several plots, the greenhouse can be divided into several parts.

A specific color can be added to each culture, which ensures the transparency of planting on the map.

KnjigaPOLJA represents significant help in production planning. It enables simple analysis of production activities and monitoring of the results (yields) as well as costs for each segment of each activity stored in the database over the past years.

Main screen

The main screen of the application is organized to provide insight into the most important data related to production. The user sees all open production orders, the time remaining until the planned completion of the order, the expected end date of the production (delivery of products), the list of production units engaged in production.

The user can, on the main screen, update all data related to production units and production orders.

The larger part of the screen also occupies a digital map where all productive areas are plotted. Each production area is marked with the color that the user defined the culture planted on this production area.

Production order

Within one production order, the user records all activities related to the production of a single culture, from the preparation of land through fertilization, sowing, crop cultivation, harvesting, etc. The hours spent by machines, vehicles and people, the amount of consumed raw material and other costs (irrigation, third party services, advisory activities, etc.) are recorded.

In addition to regular activities, the user has the opportunity to record different observations during the production process, which are important for later analyzes and production planning.

The charts give a clear overview of all relevant data, both for production orders that are currently current (open) and for analysis of closed production orders.