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Web application KnjigaPOLJA is designed as a tool for planning and monitoring everyday activities in agricultural production. It is designed for both crop production and those engaged in vegetable and fruit growing. The system is completely graphically oriented. All parcels and production boards are monitored on a digital map that forms the basis of the main application screen, thus visually providing assistance in planning, recording and analyzing production activities.

The KnjigaPOLA represents significant assistance in the planning of plant production, because it enables simple analysis of production activities and monitoring of the achieved results and costs.

Do you want to know the cost of the finished product? If you answered YES then the KnjigaPOLJA is a real app for you.


  • precise planning and analysis of production activities,
  • optimized organization of work,
  • an overview of all production activities, consumed materials, working hours of people and machines, remarks and observations, land analysis,
  • comparative analysis of data from previous years and thus more efficient sowing plan,
  • graphic and tabular yield overview over the years,
  • EASY use,
  • graphical environment – digital map,
  • assistance in the introduction of ISO and GLobalGAP standards, necessary records for organic production,
  • database needed for advisory activities,
  • availability of your data on all devices that have an internet connection.

Who should use

Everybody who are working in:

  • crop production,
  • fruit production,
  • vineyard production,
  • vegetable growing – greenhouses, open production, …
  • production of honey,
  • livestock production – basic records,
  • floristry,

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Our app users

Carska bašta  is a Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbia, based company founded in the year of 2008. The idea was that small farmers, who can’t enter the market independently, join in and open a distribution center that can trade with their products. Thanks to the perseverance and dedication to their business, today they are recognized in the big market. We regularly supply large companies, such as the Gomex retail chain, with their fresh products.

For many years now, we have been successfully working with Carska Baša. Now, they are one of the first users of KnjigaPOLJA app.

Čikoš farm  is operating in the territory of Zrenjanin since 2008. This family company succeeded in its long-term efforts and experience to develop successful fruit and vegetable production. Part of their assortment are: spinach, green salad, celery, melon, various varieties of peppers, cabbage, cucumber. Purt of their production is intended for export.

The company has 6 permanent employees and close to 10th season workers and has greenhouses on an area of 6000m2. They also deal with outdoor production at around 5h.

“Our company has a large number of associates with whom it cooperates. Serviceally, since we later redeem their products, we keep records of the cultivation of different crop plants for our subcontractors. It is important for us to know how a culture was cultivated, whether the prescribed preparations were used and whether all the activities were done on time. The KnjigaPOLJA is our indispensable help in this business.”

Madaras Đula, Carska bašta, Zrenjanin, Serbia

“I’ve shared my years of experience and knowledge with this team in order to help develop this web application. The reason is that I firmly believe that in modern vegetable production one of the most important tool is right information in right moment. Whit this app I can know precise results of production and that is significant factor for a successful market for vegetable products.”

Čikoš Erne, Čikoš Farm, Zrenjanin, Serbia


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